Severe Under-reporting of Work Injuries in Many Countries of the Baltic Sea Region

The exploratory semi-quantitative study of Severe Under-reporting of Work Injuries is part of the Realocc Accident Project. The project studied registration of occupational accidents in the Baltic Sea countries.

In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Russian Federation, the rates of fatal work injuries have been much higher than the EU-15 average. Yet, the incidence rates of non-fatal work injuries have been very low at the same time. A high rate of fatal work injuries in combination with a low rate of non-fatal work injuries suggests that much of the non-fatal work injuries have remained unregistered.

The study conducted semi-quantitative data analyses of monitoring statistics that had been submitted by national authorities to the International Labour Organization during a 5-year period between 2003–2007.

An exploratory semi-quantitative study has been made by Dr. Kari Kurppa, Finland. The project was co-funded by the Seed Money Facility of EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.