The statutory foundations are laid in the Work Environment Act (AML), passed by the Riksdag (Sweden’s parliament). The Work Environment Act defines the outer framework of work environment regulation. The Work Environment Authority has been tasked by the Government with issuing more detailed regulations on the subject.

We have the mandate from the government and the Riksdag to see that the work environment fulfils the demand in the Work Environment Act that everyone should have a good and developing work environment. We produce legally binding provisions, inspect workplaces and disseminate information about work environment regulations.

The government gives overarching instructions in its ordinance

Ordinance 2007:913 (changed through 2010:166), with instructions for The Swedish Work Environment Authority, is the government’s directions to us about tasks, advice and guidance. An ordinance is provisions decided by the government without the assistance of the Riksdag. Our ordinance contains the assignments that the government has decided we should follow.