Background Information

Russian Federation (Russia)

Russian Federation (Russia) is the largest country in the world  with  the area of  17.075 mln square  kilometers.   Population  on 01.12.2005 according of Rosstat data is 142,8 mln. Economically active   population is 45%.   Population growth  rate from the year 1992 was a well seen negative character due to high rate of mortality. Life expectancy for men is 59 years  and  71 for women.  Russia is the democratic country with President and parliament with two chambers, Council of  Ministers is chaired  by Prime minister.  It is the country with the market economy.

Nature of industry

New conception of the industry development   forms  three groups.  In the first group  the following   branches of economy are included: oil and gas industry,  forestry and wood felling, mining and energy production. Aviation and space, atomic industry,   all branches of the military industry, machine-tool construction,  biotechnology,  wood processing industry,  cellulose and paper production industry  are included into the second group.  The third  group  consists of cars production industry,  light industry, food industry,  machinery for    agriculture.

There are 979 000 small enterprises in the country and they constitute 44% of total number of enterprises. They employ 9 mln  workers or 16,3% of the working population.