The National Institute of Occupational Health
STAMI is the National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway. STAMI is a research institute funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. We work for facilitating a good working environment; for preventing illness and for promoting good health. The institute has over 100 employees who create, use and promote knowledge on occupational health. STAMI does have an interdisciplinary research environment which consists of people with various professional backgrounds, such as medicine, physiology, chemistry, biology, psychology among others.


The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Labour, focused on occupational safety and health. The Labour Inspection Authority has approximately 600 employees and consists of a central office – the Directorate, seven regional offices and 16 local offices throughout the country. The Directorate in Trondheim regulates the agency’s overall strategy, programmes and information. The district offices guide and supervise individual enterprises in local communities.

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