OSH Legislation

National OSH policy and profiles

OSH policy in Finland is prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in collaboration with the key stakeholders.

It is in line with the ILO Convention No. 187, of which aim is to get an overview of the status of OSH in the country and to identify the targets for further development.

The National Strategy on Occupational Safety and Health is periodically evaluated, and it aims at the implementation of the renewed legislation, and at the continuous improvement and development of conditions of work, health, safety and well-being at work.


OSH legislation

There are three main legislation that stipulate occupational safety and health in Finland. These are:

National OSH Profile of Finland

The National Occupational Safety and Health Profile of Finland is published within the Analytical Reports of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The Profile consists of:

1. Occupational safety and health (OSH) legislative framework
2. National policy review mechanisms
3. Coordination and collaboration mechanisms
4. OSH technical standards, guidelines and management systems
5. OSH system implementation: Means and tools
6. Statistics on occupational accidents and diseases
7. Policies and programmes of employers’ and workers’ organizations
8. Regular and ongoing activities related to OSH
9. General data
10. Results of a questionnaire survey to the OSH actors in Finland
11. Inputs to situation analysis
12. Summary

ILO Convention 187 on the Promotional Framework on Occupational Safety and Health requires the preparation of a National Policy and a National Profile. The National Profile provides an overview of the country’s OSH situation.

The country’s OSH actors can assess the level of OSH with the help of selected indicators. It also reveals the areas that need improvement.