Basic Info on Institute

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, also known as FIOH, is a research and specialist organization in the field of occupational health and safety.

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health is a cross scientific research institute, that promotes work safety, occupational health and well-being at work. The institute functions at the administrative sector of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. There are regional offices in five different towns around the country; Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere and Turku. The main office and the administration is also in Helsinki. There are approximately 680 employees in the institute. The institute was established in 1945.

FIOH carries out research, disseminates information, provides expert services, and trains occupational health and safety specialists. The goal of the Institute’s activities is healthy workers, a sound work community, and a safe and productive work environment.


Well-being through work – vision 2020

Our vision is that work creates well-being at workplaces, at both the individual level, and in society at large. For this reason, FIOH promotes well-being at work, which refers to the capacity and ability of work communities and individuals to operate in various situations as work life changes. This means we can contribute to improving the quality and productivity of work life, as well as to increasing work participation.


Our areas of priority

1. Well-being at work in an era of changing work life
2. Reducing the development of work disability
3. Occupational health co-operation

We will also focus on the following special issues:

4. Safety of new technologies
5. Well-being in Arctic work

Bases of our operations

  • Research-based knowledge
  • Co-operative development
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Comprehensive, creative solutions
  • Active impact
  • Swift reaction
  • Future orientation

The Institute’s goal is to promote the work ability, functional capacity and overall health of the working population in Finland, and to enhance their quality of life.


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