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Registered Occupational Accidents

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, occupational accidents are recorded in Estonia on the bases of employer’s report. Register of occupational accidents is kept by the Estonian Labour Inspectorate.

Occupational Accidents in Estonia


2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


Number of injured persons who lost their work ability for at least 1 day


2937 3224 3744 4157 4183


Number of fatal accidents


19 17 19 15 20


Number of days of official absence from work per 100 employed persons


15,4 16,0 16,9 17,5 19,0


Registered occupational accidents per 100,000 employed persons in Estonia, 2008–2014


Most dangerous activities, based on the percentage of registered occupational accidents, 2008–2014



Registered health problems in Estonia, caused by working environment hazards

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, health problems caused by working environment hazards, more specifically, occupational diseases[1] and illnesses caused by work[2], must be recorded in Estonia. Register of occupational diseases and illnesses caused by work is kept by the Estonian Labour Inspectorate. Occurrence of occupational diseases will be registered on the bases of reports, filed by employers while illnesses caused by work are recorded on the bases of a doctor’s notification.

[1] Occupational disease is a disease which is brought about by a long-term exposure to working environment hazards. Occupational disease is directly attributable to working environment hazards, i.e. there is a cause-consequence relation between the hazard and disease. Occupational disease will result in decreased capacity for work of an employee who shall have the right to demand compensation for damages from employer.

[2] Illness caused by work is a health problem, where exposure to working environment hazards is one of the several factors, causing the illness. Illnesses caused by work require the attention of specialists, involved in solving working environment problems and allocation of required resources to decreasing the influence of working environment hazards and prevention of the incidence of occupational diseases.

Registered health problems caused by work per 100,000 employed persons in Estonia, 2008–2014




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