Basic Info on Institute

National Research Centre for the Working Environment

The National Research Centre for the Working Environment has a number of important core tasks.


NRCWE’s specialised core research areas are:

  • psychosocial working environment
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • nanosafety
  • accidents, prevention and safety culture
  • working environment monitoring
  • the correlation between the working environment and industrial relations, focusing on labour market retention, absenteeism, exclusion, working capacity and related issues.

Communicating research results

NRCWE publishes its research results in international scientific magazines and systematically publishes research results targeted at players in the working environment sectors, i.e. workplaces, the authorities, social partners, consultants and other professional users of research-based knowledge. In addition, NRCWE arranges presentation and information meetings for its stakeholders.

Comprehensive communication of working environment research findings

NRCWE’s communication of research findings to a wider audience is embedded in the Knowledge Centre for the Working Environment (KCWE). KCWE is charged with the task of collecting and communicating national and international knowledge about the working environment and to be a one-door entry point for information and quality-assured knowledge about the working environment that is targeted at users.

Working environment monitoring and preparedness & response systems

NRCWE monitors developments regarding working environment issues and associated health and safety issues at the workplace. Together with its general research activities, monitoring the working environment is an important building block in the institution’s ‘knowledge bank’ response system, which constitutes an important tool in its efforts to take appropriate follow-up steps in pursuance of the national working environment strategy, and which is intended to ensure that the administrative and legislative work of the Ministry of Employment is based on updated Danish and international knowledge. NRCWE’s consultancy services are based on a general knowledge platform consisting of a broad range of research findings and knowledge retrieved from a wide array of working environment fora and scientific sources.

Education & training initiatives

In cooperation with the universities, NRCWE participates in education and training activities within NRCWE’s core areas, targeting the researchers of tomorrow by offering guidance to Ph.D. students and participation in research schools. In addition, NRCWE makes the services of lecturers available to universities and provides laboratory facilities, data and instructors to assist bachelor and thesis students, and researchers also act as external examiners and Ph.D. opponents at a number of educational institutions.