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New international project in NIOM:

Between 2010 and 2013 an interesting international project is being realized by the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (as one of the project partners. The project's acronym is PROMOVAX, full title: Promote Vaccinations among Migrant Populations in Europe

PROMOVAX is a 3-year project funded by the DG SANCO Public Health Program 2008 - 2013 aiming to promote vaccination among migrant populations in Europe.

The project will add to the knowledge on barriers concerning migrants' immunizations and develop educational material for both health professionals and migrants, as well as propose recommendations for policy-makers. It aims to complement EU policies on reaching hard to reach populations. 

PROMOVAX partnership comprises of 11 Associated Partners from 9 countries and 12 Collaborating Partners from 11 countries.


The objectives of the project are following:

General Objective

PROMOVAX aims to complement EU policies on reaching hard to reach populations by:

✓ adding to the knowledge of barriers among migrants concerning immunizations

✓ developing recommendations for policy-makers regarding the immunization of migrants

✓ developing educational material for both health professionals and migrants

Moreover, PROMOVAX aims through spillover effects to enhance migrant health in general, by:

✓ establishing health care provider-migrant communication channels, and

✓ promoting migrants' trust in the health system

Specific Objectives

1. Identify and record the immunization needs of migrant populations and develop a methodology for a thorough assessment of each individual migrant immunization needs.

2. Evaluate migrants´ access to immunization in the EU countries.

3. Analyze available legislative context and identify gaps.

4. Identify and exchange best practices in the field of migrant immunization promotion.

5. Enhance health care professionals´ and other migrant care givers´ knowledge about immunization needs for European migrants.

6. Improve the knowledge of EU migrant populations on immunizations.


For full information about the PROMOVAX project and to see current proceedings and results, please see the project's website: 


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