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Occupational Safety and Health Strategy in Latvia (click here to view)
This document is a draft of OSH development strategy of Latvia containing description of historical development, institutinal models, analysis of main problems and strategy of further development. This stategy was written in autumn 2002 by working group lead by the Department of Labour, Ministry of Welfare.

Book7 New 2nd Edition of the Book "Occupational Medicine", Riga, 2011 (electronical version in Latvian)


Section 1. Occupational Medicine: Subject and Contents (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 1.7 MB)
Section 2. Occupational Diseases Caused by Dust (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 3.1 MB)
Section 3. Occupational Diseases Caused by Chemical Factors (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 3.7 MB)
Section 4. Occupational Diseases Caused by Physical Factors (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 2.7 MB)
Section 5. Biological Risk Factors (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 0.8 MB)
Section 6. Physical Overload Induced Occupational Diseases (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 2.4 MB)
Section 7. Occupational Allergies (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 1.1 MB)
Section 8. Occupational Malignancies (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 0.5 MB)
Section 9. Impact of Industrial Factors on Human Reproductive Health (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 0.4 MB)
Section 10. Cardiovascular Disorders and Working Environment (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 0.4 MB)
Appendices (in Latvian, pdf pdf file 0.2 MB)


New Study Results "Work Conditions and Risks in Latvia  2009-2010", 2010

Work conditions2009

(in Latvian, pdf pdf file 5.6 MB)

Textbook "Environmental Health" published in 2009:

Environmental health

(Description in English, microsoft worddoc file 69.5 KB)

Study "Work Conditions and Risks in Latvia", 2007


(English translation, pdf pdf file 1.1 MB)


Publications (click on picture to view)

Risk assesment Methods of Occupational Risk Assessment, Riga, 2008, 245 p.

Book1 Occupational Safety, Riga, 2003, 288 p.
The book deals with the following issues: prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, risk prevention and determination of working environment risk factors by providing the necessary basic knowledge, in order to manage the labour protection matters at the enterprise more effectively, as well as to establish safe working environment for the staff.
Book2 Occupational Hygiene, Riga, 2003, 160 p.
The book mainly provides the explanations regarding the essence of occupational hygiene. The book is dealing also with the following matters related to the working environment: chemical and biological factors, noise, vibration, microclimate, as well as the ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Book3 Ergonomics at Work, Riga, 2003, 180 p.

Book4 Educational Methods in Occupational Health and Safety, Riga, 2003, 120 p.

Book5 Psychosocial Environment at Work, 2003, 140 p.

Book6 Work Conditions and Occupational Health, 2004, 148 p.

Book7 Occupational Medicine, Riga, 2000, 704 p.
Author: Professor Maija Eglite. The book describes different issues in the field of occupational health, providing a detailed description of the issues related to the occupational medicine (occupational diseases), by analysing the consequences of the impact of risk factors, as well as the principles of treatment and diagnosis of occupational diseases. The book might be applied by the doctors in general, occupational doctors, the labour protection specialists as well as the other interested persons.



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